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Zen Stones

Balance your way to optimal health

At Ojah we want to help you live your best life.


Yoga brings the body and mind together through movement, breathing and meditation.

Discover the  many physical and mental health benefits you can achieve through the practice of Yoga 

Improves back pain and posture

Increases energy and helps you to build strength, balance and flexibility

Eases arthritis symptoms and improves cardiovascular health 

Supports stress management, mental health, and quality sleep

Yoga Class

Group Yoga class

Suitable for all levels of experience, strength and flexibility as variations and modifications of the poses are offered in every class.

Downward Facing Dog

Private Yoga class

A private practice personalised and tailored specifically to what you need. One-to-one  yoga is a great place to start or enhance your yoga practice.

Vinayasa Flow and Hatha Yoga 

Vinyasa Flow can be considered the counterpart to Hatha Yoga.


Hatha classes focus on one pose at a time holding poses for longer and resting between transitions. On the other hand, Vinyasa flow classes are about string poses together forming a sequence.

Both styles are suitable for all levels of experience as variations and modifications of the poses are offered in every class.

Yin Yoga

A therapeutic practice that incorporates the principles of Chinese Medicine.


Yin is a slow style focused on softening the deep connective tissues, stretching muscles and fascia while achieving deep relaxation.


Compared to faster styles, floor postures are held for longer periods of time allowing a deeper opening of the body.


Suitable for all levels and complementary to the other yoga styles.

Before seeing Laura I had pain, poor posture and could not inhale fully. Now I stand straighter, I have no pain and can actually breathe!

Hayley, Blackburn

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