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Can Spinal Flow help my condition?
We help transform people experiencing symptoms ranging from pain, depression, anxiety, headaches, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, allergies, autoimmune condition and more. At the core, every health condition is related to the spine and nervous system as the master controller. Our body’s spinal column not only acts as the main support for our body, it also protects the precious web of nerves and neurons that fire up and down the spinal cord helping us experience life, from walking, to digesting our food to laughing or solving complex problems and more.
Our spine and brain together make up the human body’s master controller, the central nervous system, which connects to the peripheral and autonomic nervous system.

When we get stress signals – particularly if the body’s fight-flight response is activated – mean the vertebrae becomes hard and inflexible to protect that area. The vertebrae or joint just becomes more immobile and stuck when there is a spinal blockage. Sometimes the body creates an inflammatory response around it.

When there’s a blockage in the vertebrae, there can be less space for the nerves to travel to the place they need to go to and do their job.
For example, if a spinal blockage happens around a nerve that typically supplies the face and the eyes and the ears, then the blockage may cause symptoms in the face or eyes. If the blockage is near the nerves that supply information to the digestive system you may experience IBS.

Certified Spinal Flow practitioners learn the touch to expand the Spinal Wave, ensuring clients can feel their body’s natural intelligence flowing freely up and down their spine.
When the Spinal Wave flows freely, it ignites the body’s own wisdom to heal and releases the spinal blockages that our bodies have held on to from chemical, physical or emotional stress.
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