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What is Spinal Flow?
Spinal Flow® Technique is a fast and effective way to heal from pain, dis-ease and illness.

The Spinal Flow Technique is based on the philosophy that the human body has everything it needs to heal itself.  Working with the anatomy of the spine – and the connection the nervous system has to glands, organs and tissues  – are the basis of Spinal Flow Technique.

There is a Spinal Wave™ sitting inside every human body, waiting to connect our brains with our nervous system to fully explore the wisdom within us.

The body has an innate intelligence to help us respond to the demands of the world around us. The state of equilibrium or homeostasis – where healing, digestion and wellbeing happen – is where most of our time should be spent. Our bodies were design to only be exposed to stress for short periods of time in order to protect us from the dangers of the environment (think a tiger stalking a caveman). Although our lives have evolved in numerous ways and lots of comforts and advancements achieved, our nervous system has stayed the same, leaving us constantly exposed to pressure and stress, with an over stimulated sympathetic system (the system responsible for the fight-flight-freeze response) keeping us in constant alert mode. 

Stress can take different forms and present itself in a large variety of symptoms. The three most common ones we see are emotional stress from past traumas, chemical stress from the foods we eat and the chemical products that surround us and physical stress from accidents, injuries and/or postural strain. Regardless of the type of stress, the body will store it as a spinal blockage.

Spinal blockages are a bit like static interference for our master controller – the central nervous system comprised by the brain and spine – which can block the flow of our body’s aptitude to heal itself. Spinal Flow Technique helps locate blockages that cause symptoms like pain or illness by making contact with the 33 access points of the spine to allow healing to happen. 

There is an innate instinct inside every human body to restore, allay and mend itself. Just as our gut digests our food and our hair grows, our bodies know how to heal by harnessing the nervous system.
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